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Shitan TownshipAroundthetree Manor

Hospitable B&B
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----------- Discover the natural and pure life ----------- Welcome to Aroundthetree Manor The trees protect the Earth, while the aged trees protect Aroundthetree Manor! The red cedar tree of over 200 years old is the king among the old camphor trees, India coral trees, Taiwan cherries, green maples, dammar pines, Taiwan zelkova, Chinese Juniper, fan palms, Taiwan white pines, Taiwan red pines, Japanese red pines, bald cypresses, and Japanese black pines, as well as Chinese bayberry trees, apricot trees, Indian gooseberry trees, green bamboo forest, camellia, azalea, sweet olives, Chinese fringe-trees, orchid trees, common crepe myrtle, Bojers Spurge, plumeria, etc. to grow and multiply without end in the forest. "Aroundthetree," that is our name. Indeed, wherever you go, the trees are around you.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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