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June、July、AugustSanyi Woodcarving Art Festival

Sanyi Woodcarving Art Festival

Time: Every June ~ August   Location: Sanyi Township

In Taiwan and around the world, Sanyi is the equivalent of wood sculpture art. Many visitors have come a long way to Sanyi to appreciate its wood sculptures.

The wood sculptures of Sanyi are inspired by life. This makes them accessible to both experts and the general public. It is also because of this universal inspiration that these sculptures have become an important tool for Sayi to reach the world, both art and economy wise.

  • Sanyi Woodcarving
Sanyi Woodcarving Art Festival is among the 12 major festivals in Taiwan. It is fun, artistic and full of local characteristics. During festival time, visitors can easily enjoy wood sculpture exhibitions, art and cultural performances and wood carving workshops. This is a festival for both the young and the old.


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Last updated on: 2019-05-06
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