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AugustFruit Tourism Festival

Fruit Tourism Festival

Time: Every August  Location: Jhuolan Township

Bunches of glistening grapes are the sweetest violet temptation in summer. Juicy and succulent top-grafting pears are delicious and satisfactory upon every bite. Tasty, rich in fiber and natural vitamins, these healthy fruits will cheer you up and cool you down!

With the trend of recreational agriculture, many orchards and farms in Jhuolan are now open to tourists and serve recreational purposes. Garden-styled restaurants are lined up in Lixiping Farming Area. Some farmers cooperate with guest house owners on a 2-day trip that include a fruit-picking trip, for the convenience of the visitors.

  • Fruit Tourism Season

Grapes in Jhuolan are sweet with a hint of acidity. Meticulously covered with bags, the fruits are sheltered from disease and pests. On the dark violet pearl-like fruits, one can see some white fruit powder, which means that the fruits are healthy. One would eat the grapes one bite after another. The pears, mostly top-grafting pears, are grown with bag covers as well. The pears are fragrant, juicy and sweet. One bite of it will cool you down.

Jhuolan Town, the town of fruits, is blessed with the clear water from the Daan River. Meanwhile, with the difference of temperature during day and night, all kinds of fruits can grow in Jhuolan during the entire year. Pears, grapes, star fruits and oranges are the four kings among the fruits from Jhuolan.


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