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April、MayTung blossom festival and weddings

Tung blossom festival and weddings

Time: Every April and May  Location: Various townships in Miaoli

Every April and May, for two full months, Tung flowers bloom throughout Taiwan, especially in the Hakka settlements in Miaoli County.

They are so beautiful that they are nicknamed the “snow of April/May.”

Tung trees are important economic plants for early Hakka people. Tung oil, which is extracted from Tung seeds, can be applied to make water-proof paper umbrellas. The oil is also a key ingredient of paint.

Today, Tung trees are appreciated for their beautiful flowers. The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival is held annually amid much fanfare, and a series of fun activities are held to promote tourism in Miaoli County.

  • Tung blossom

Wedding under blossoming Tung trees

Romantic weddings under blossoming Tung trees are held at the festival as testimonies to lovers’ everlasting love.

Leisurely walk along Tung blossom trails

Take a walk along any of the Tung blossom trails to get mesmerized by the flower views!

1.Zhaoqiao- Jiantan Historic Trail

The entrance of the trail is located on Miaoli County Road 14. Roughly 2.6km long, the trail is filled with Tung flowers all along the way. Visitors may feel they are walking in flower rain. Come and immerse in scenes of Tung blossoms!

2.Toufen- “Backyard” Tung Blossom Trail

Also called Laoqi Old Trail, it is just 300 meters above the sea level. Nothing blocks its views and visitors can thus appreciate mountains and plains afar from here.

  • Wedding under blossoming Tung trees
  • Leisurely walk along Tung blossom trails

3.Sanwan- Younghe Mountain Tung Blossom Trail

The trail passes through a peaceful lake which reflects the natural scenery around it, including blooming Tung flowers. The trail is ideal for appreciating lakeside views.

4.Sanwan- Younghe Tongjing Mountain Trail

The community trail is great for family visitors. It is planted with Taiwan Acacia and Tung trees. During the flower season, flowers fall off from both sides of the trail, creating a mesmerizing scene.

5.Shitan- Fengming Mountain Historic Trail

The old trail is situated between Shitan and Touwu Townships. Along the way are lush green trees. Visitors can appreciate the poetic scene of Tung flowers filling the whole mountains. The trail is among the 10 oldest trails in Taiwan.

6.Miaoli City- Sijiaoping Mountain Tung Blossom Trail

Situated at the southwestern tip of Miaoli City, the trail meanders through a biologically diverse forest. During the flower season, white petite Tung flowers always make visitors feel as if they have entered a beautiful painting!

7.Gongguan- Miaoli Gongguan Tung Blossom Trail

The mountainous area here is planted with numerous Tung trees. Every year, when Tung flowers bloom, the scenery becomes especially attractive.

8.Tongluo- Tongluo Township Tung Blossom Trail

To find the most blooming Tung flowers, come to Shuangfeng Mountain. The snow-white flowers make the lush green mountain so beautiful that many people come here to enjoy a romantic date.

9.Tongxiao- Tiaoyen Historic Trail

Established in the Qing Dynasty, the trail is filled with Taiwan Acacia, Tung, and camphor trees. Lush and green, the trail is easy to walk and visitors can expect to enjoy a relaxing Tung blossom trip.

10.Sanyi- Sanyi Tung Blossom Trail (Miaoli County Route 49)

Longteng Bridge is the most famous tourist attraction at Miaoli County Road 49. The dark red bridge and a hiking trail full of blooming white flowers have drawn numerous photographers to take photos here.

11.Sanyi- Sanyi Tung Blossom Trail (Miaoli County Route 51)
Green Tunnel

Miaoli County Road 51 is planted with Taiwan Acacia an Tung trees. Off the beaten track, in the spring when Tung flowers bloom, the road becomes a long green sanctuary where visitors can enjoy some blissful hours.

12.Sanyi- Tiaotan Historic Trail

With plenty of Tung trees, during the annual flower season, white Tung flowers turn this old industrial road into a romantic hiking trail. Visitors are often impressed by how beautiful the trail is.

13.Sanyi- West Lake Resortopia Tung Blossom Trail

West Lake Resortopia is featured by cartoon landscaping. Every year, during the Tung flower season, the resortopia becomes a joyous flowery snowland.

14.Sanyi- Tiaochai Historic Trail

The 1.5km-long trail meanders through bamboo forests, Taiwan Acacia forests, and Tung forests. A green tunnel on its own, in April and May, it becomes a trail of pinkish white Tung flowers. Nothing can be more beautiful than this!

15.Sanyi- Snow of April Trail

Every year in April when Tung flowers are in full bloom, the trail looks snow-filled. It is in fact ideal for family visitors young and old, because it is smooth and easy to walk.


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