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May、JunePeach and Plum Festival

Peach and Plum Festival

Time: Every May and June   Location: On both sides of roads such as Miao Line 130 and 62 

Every May and June, peaches and plums are harvested in the many tourist farms along Miaoli County Route 130, Sanyi Township.
To promote the season and invite people to taste the fruits, the county government also holds a variety of fun activities.
  • Fruitful trees
  • Tourist fruit farms

In fact, in Sanyi, Dahu and Taian, visitors can find many specialty restaurants and stylized guesthouses. This makes the region a wonderful place to go.

Alternatively, people can visit fruit farms along Miaoli County Route 62. The farms are not as many, but they exude quiet charm as they are surrounded by mountains. 


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Last updated on: 2020-09-03
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