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Nanzhuang TownshipNanzhuang Old Street

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  • Old Street
  • Nanzhuang Old Street

As time flies by, the old streets remain witnessing history demonstrating the ancient flavor and the folkloric air kept by the population in Miaoli.As people turn to treasure the past, the old streets in Miaoli become increasing intrigue.Walking down the old streets, one would inevitably recall the bustling old days.Just like in a time machine, the red brick walls, old houses,Flag stone roads and historic sites among other artifacts would appear one after another.

The brick-walled Sweet Osmanthus Alley is full of tasty eateries and famous retail shops; the Ashinig Pit of Shieubiantou was where villagers used to wash their clothes on stone slabs; the post office that was built during Japanese occupation, and stores that sell traditional costumes.


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TEL: 886-37-823115

Business Hours: Daily open

Address: Guihuaxiang, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2015-08-26
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