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SeptemberPomelos Festival

Pomelos Festival

Time: Every September  Location: Xihu Township

Xihu, the best place to savor the pomelos on Mid-autumn Festival.

Pomelos are the most festive fruits for Mid-autumn Festival. Xihu Township is famous as the town of pomelos. Driving through the pomelo orchards where the pomelo trees are loaded with big, ripe fruits, isn’t the sweet and tart scent mouthwatering?

Xihu Township is the most important place that produces pomelos. The pomelo plantation is more concentrated especially in Hudong Village and Xiaowo Youzishan. Xihu County boasts juicy, scrumptious and smooth pomelos that are well liked among the Taiwanese consumers. The harvested pomelos will be washed, selected and dried before packaging. These high-quality pomelos are popular in all sales channels in Taiwan.

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There are several themed activities related to pomelos. In March and April, the town celebrates Pomelo Flowers Festival, which is not dwarfed by signature Hakka flower, Tung flowers. In autumn, during the harvest season of pomelos, visitors can find entertaining, amusing programs in the town. Moreover, one cannot miss the creative dishes that feature sweet, fragrant local pomelos. Visitors will not only enjoy the picturesque landscape of Xihu County but also the warm hospitality of the Hakka people. All the visitors unanimously leave highly positive remarks on their autumn trip in Xihu.


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Last updated on: 2022-09-19
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