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NovemberTaian Hot Spring Festival

Taian Hot Spring Festival

Time: Every November Location: Taian Township

Taian Hot Spring is located in the Wensui River Valley among Henglong, Niaozui and Huzi Mountains. It was discovered by chance in 1908 by indigenous Ayatal people during a hunting trip.

Surrounded by primitive forests and beautiful rivers, the Taian Hot Spring soon became a popular tourist destination. Still, it retains its natural charm even after numerous human visits.

  • Comforting hot spring baths

On the main road that leads to the hot spring, no busy shops or heavy traffic may be found. Especially in evenings, visitors will find themselves and their vehicles embraced by the quietness of the nature. This makes Taian a great place to relax.

Taian Hot Spring is a carbonic acid spring. Steaming, milky water (which is 47 Celsius degrees on average) runs all year round, without the scent of sulfur that hot springs normally have. A beauty bath, which makes one’s skin smooth as silk, is much recommended here! 


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Last updated on: 2023-12-12
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