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DecemberDahu Strawberry Festival

Dahu Strawberry Festival

Time: Every December   Location: Dahu

The strawberry harvest season is also the season of Christmas, New Year, winter vacation, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. As holiday makers come to Dahu, strawberries seem to welcome the visitors with their sweet taste. Dahu is your choice winter destination for its delicious fruits and beautiful scenery! Here are some tips for picking strawberries in Dahu. 
  • Fresh strawberries

Be an early bird

Visit Dahu at the start of the day, or as early as possible. Since many people come here on holidays and weekends, big, red strawberries are almost always taken by early birds. If you come here after noontime, you may be a little disappointed! You may contact any strawberry farm to secure your fruits if you really can’t make it before noon. Larger farms may also ask visitors pick their fruits by sections, so that everyone can get something great.

More than fresh fruits: a strawberry-inspired culture 

Tourist strawberry farms are open everywhere in Dahu during the annual harvest season, from main roads to small routes, including Provincial Highway No. 3. But Dahu has more than fresh fruits to offer. Drop by the Dahu Wineland Resort and Strawberry Culture Museum along the highway to learn more deeply about the local strawberry business. 

Try some sweet strawberry wine and strawberry ice cream, even strawberry hot pot if you have unconventional taste buds. Take a walk in an ecological strawberry garden and finally get some strawberry-inspired souvenirs for your family and friends. These two places are especially suitable for family visitors! 

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Last updated on: 2019-05-06
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