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JuneMiaoli Houlong Watermelon Festival

Miaoli Houlong Watermelon Festival

Time: Every June   Location: Houlong Township

Highly nutritious and watery, watermelon is a perfect fruit for a hot summer day. Houlong’s land is full of sands. Thus, the watermelons here are all sweet and big. In fact, Houlong’s farmers have been growing watermelons for a long time. During the Japanese Rule, an emperor loved Houlong’s watermelons so much that he named them “the best melons of Taiwan.”


Houlong Township Office has been holding watermelon festivals since 2014, in hopes of promoting the fruit. Entertaining side-events are held for visitors. The festival has successfully made Houlong’s watermelon famous home and abroad.


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Last updated on: 2019-05-06
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