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April、MayFirefly Ecology Tour

Firefly Ecology Tour

Time: Every April and May      Location: Dawo, Dahu Township

During April to May every year is the best season to watch fireflies. Thousands of twinkling fairies are out in the field and hovering among bushes and trees. It is a stunning that will impress kids as well as the adults.

Firefly watching hotspot 1: Jhuolan -Firefly watching fun.

As April begins, the twinkling fairies in the mountains in Jhuolan will gradually appear. During the peak season, the scene is even more impressive. There are fireflies everywhere among the bushes and trees. Visitors are likely to enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by the fireflies.

  • Firefly Ecology
  • Firefly Ecology Tour

Firefly watching hotspot 2: Dawoshan, with the valleys full of fireflies.

The Dawoshan Area, adjacent to Siangshan, Dahu, Miaoli, is a well-preserved village in the valley. Whenever the firefly season starts, there can be 100,000 in the valley at the same time. The entire valley being filled with fireflies is definitely an impressive scene.

Dawuoshan Ecological and Cultural Association discovered the firefly habitat when they were working on the protection of the fish in the Dawo River. A clean environment and good water quality are beneficial to the survival of fireflies. Therefore, the size of the firefly population has become one of the indicators of local environmental protection. In order to conserve Dawoshan’s natural ecology, local residents leave the deserted fienls untouched so that the fireflies can inhabit there.

The firefly watching locations in Dawoshan are situated near Wang Jhong Ye Temple. The firefly season overlaps with the Tung flower season. Visitors can see the flowers by day and watch the fireflies by night. There are also creeks, cliffs, valleys and old rattans nearby. It is worthwhile spending half a day feeling the authentic natural beauty of Dawo area.

Firefly watching hotspot 3: Nanzhuang- intense and complete itinerary

The firefly season in Nanzhuang is also around April and May. At the bushy, humid areas in the mountainous regions of higher altitude, there are more fireflies to be found. During the firefly season, local guest house owners and farm owners present package tours that include food, accommodation and guided tour. Meanwhile, it is a safer option to find the optimal spot for firefly watching.

Firefly watching hotspot 4

Sanyi, Miaoli is a popular tourist attraction. Whenever the firefly season starts, one can see fireflies along the road, where there is no light pollution, from Shengxing Station to Shengheng Temple. Remember to turn off the headlights in order to find the fireflies. Visiting Sanyi, the Hakka village where fireflies dance with humans, and enjoying the cultural and ecological feast is the best option for your leisure time.

Firefly watching know-how

  1. The firefly watching hotspots are usually bushy, so please wear long sleeves and pants, watch out for bugs and snakes and have protection against mosquitoes.
  2. Please remain silent while watching the fireflies. Wrap your flashlights with red cellophane in order not to bother the fireflies.
  3. Do not use flash while taking pictures and do not catch the fireflies.
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