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OctoberChrysanthemum and Taro Festival

Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival

Time: Every October  Location: Tongluo Township

Autumn is the harvest season of taros and the flowering time of chrysanthemums.

To celebrate the two local products and promote tourism in Tongluo Township, the Chrysanthemum and Taro Festival is held every October in the Zhongping Village.


  • Taro
  • Chrysanthemum

During festival time, taro health meals are given for free to visitors alongside a series of fun activities. Visitors can treat their eyes with beautiful chrysanthemums and their stomachs with tasty taros at the same time.

In fact, the Zhongping taros are not only used by restaurant chefs to make fine cuisine, but are also popular among the general public for their good quality and taste.

Come to Tongluo in autumn, a place worth paying a visit!


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Last updated on: 2022-09-19
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