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NovemberSweet Potato Cultural Festival

Sweet Potato Cultural Festival

Time: Every November  Location: Xihu County

Invite your friends to experience a sweet potato digging activity and a field kiln barbeque feast.

Xihu Township, Miaoli, boasts breath-taking landscape, pure air, clean water and fertile land, so the pomelos, sweet potatoes, black goats, Xihu rice that grow there are well-known high-quality farming produce. There are 50 hectares of sweet potato plantation in Xihu. The Taoyuan No.1 rice, Tainong No. 57 rice and Tainong No. 66 rice are especially delicious and well-known. The rice-related products are well loved by the people as well. Xihu iced sweet potatoes even won the first place in the “Unique Flavor Contest” and the “Gold Medal” of the 2004 Quality Food Appraisal of ROC.

  • Xihu iced sweet potatoes
  • field kiln barbeque

The annual Hakka Sweet Potato Festival is dynamic and fun. It features sweet potato digging contest, field kiln barbeque, sweet potato arts, Hakka rice dish DIY, processed sweet potatoes sampling, cheerleading performance, community karaoke performance, etc. The festival attracts adults and children to participate. In the meantime, it is the blossom season of the cosmos. All the visitors will be impressed by the scenery in Xihu when they behold the vast fields there. 

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Last updated on: 2022-09-19
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