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Houlong TownshipHakka tulou(Hakka Round House)

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Hakka tulou, a large-scale Chinese rural dwelling distributed in Fujian, is considered the best representation building of Hakka culture as well as the world's cultural heritage. 'Hakka Round House' built by Miaoli County Government in Houlong THSR District not only manifests Miaoli's unique Hakka culture, but also creates a lovely landscape of the Qingshui Corridor along Beishi Brook to welcome visitor with its local features of art and culture.

This architecture whose location is relatively close to THSR Miaoli Station is the most popular area of the Qingshui Corridor. Therefore, the Hakka Round House is also well-known as the heart of Beishi Brook. Its architectural design is based on the original tulou structure in Fujian, presenting authentic Hakka atmosphere. In addition to Hakka traditional tulou architecture, there are also ring-shaped trails, an arc-shaped observation deck, a welcoming square, and water paths.

Occupying 1,385 square meters of the land and 3,476 square meters of the total floor area, the Hakka Round House is a building with 1floor underground and 3 floors above ground. Visitors are able to overlook a ring-shaped structure clearly. The Hakka round house is built based on the local culture.

Miaoli, a chief place of Hakka drama in particular, therefore arranges relevant activities and performances of Hakka drama and music for local residents. There is a round shape theater on the first floor with printed words of `Hakka Drama' on the stage, Hakka fabric lanterns hanging on both sides, and traditional wooden benches for audience. There is an exhibition space on the second floor with three sections, Hakka Drama Hall, Hakka Music Hall, and Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall. As for the third floor, there are DIY classrooms and multi-media interactive zone where virtual technology is used for visitors to take pictures with popular tourist spots or buildings in Miaoli. There is also a multimedia room in the basement to display relevant videos. To provide more services, Hakka Round House has also arranged areas for restaurants and stands with Hakka dishes and creative local products for visitors to experience the most authentic Miaoli atmosphere.

The night lighting facilities installed around the Hakka Round House present a romantic atmosphere which is different from the daytime after the sunset. In addition, there are dancing fountain shows held at the Beishi Brook's Qingshui Corridor next to the Hakka Round House every evening at 7 and 8 p.m, making the evening at THSR Station District even more dazzling.

【Fare】Full fare: NT$30 Group fare (20 persons or more): NT$20
Relevant Information

TEL: 886-37-732940

Business Hours: Tue.-Sun. 09:00-17:00 (Closed on every Monday)

Address: No.295, Xingang 3rd Rd., Houlong Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2019-11-22
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