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Houlong TownshipQinghai Temple

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  • 45 years of history
  • Enshrine the Virgin Mary as the Lord God
  • The statue of Mazu is the tallest in Taiwan
  • Because the gods are prominent, the incense is flourishing

Qinghai Temple of Houlong leans against mountains and faces the sea, which is just a hundred feet away. It is characterized by a 32.2m-tall Goddess Mazu statue, which is the highest in Taiwan. The blue sea and the sky, green mountains, and coastal trains make this place especially attractive. Sometimes it looks like the goddess is about to take a train to visit her believers. What a blissful scene!

Qinghai Temple is 45 years old and it faces the Taiwan Strait. Not many people live nearby. Goddess Mazu, also known as the Celestial Mother, has fulfilled many of people’s wishes. It is said that the statue drifted to this place across the sea. Many believers come here to worship the goddess.


Ancestral Pilgrimage

Relevant Information

TEL: 886-37-922288

Business Hours: Daily open

Address: 114-1, Nangang Vil, Houlong Township, Miaoli County

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Last updated on: 2022-02-11
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