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A holiday wonderland in which you can cast aside worldly cares and live independently. Spending a holiday alone is for leisure. Sharing the world with another person is romantic. Traveling with more than two people is brimming with happiness and belly-laughs. Follow the path forward, and at Maple Map Café, you may achieve your dream lifestyle. Maple Map Café B&B is located in the "Mt. Manapan of 1,406 meters in elevation" in Miaoli, and at the waist of the mountain of 754 meters in elevation, lies the idyllic romantic B&B at the start of mountaineering. The B&B is surrounded by green rolling hills with views alternating with the change of seasons, sometimes mist and fog, sometimes sea of clouds, and when the maples turn red, the tranquil ambience of the mountains quietly grabs your soul. Maple Map Café covers an extensive area, is one of highest rated resort B&Bs in Mt. Manapan. The host makes extensive use of floor to ceiling glasses, allowing you to be greeted by the stunning views of landscapes outside the windows, while savoring the delicacies in the room. Sip a cup of coffee, your beautiful holiday just starts. In the Maple Map Café, if you pay more attention to detail, you will find the host's ingenuities in everywhere from selecting building materials to the interior layouts. The B&B offers a fine dining service, and on 2nd floor accommodations, though just a few rooms, each bright and elegant room is furnished with selected furniture and sophisticated decorations. Every room is prepared particularly comfortable to make sure you have a good night's sleep after receding from the tired body and mind. Maple Map Café is quite suitable for vacation trips of a whole family or lovers. In the front part of the B&B, there is a large garden of alpine strawberries for you to enjoy the fun of picking fruit, in addition to hiking and sightseeing. If you have any questions about your trip, please contact the B&B, Maple Map Café welcomes your visit.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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