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Dahu TownshipSpend Time

Hospitable B&B
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Miaoli|Spend Time Spend time soaking in hot springs and enjoying nature by the lakeside The afternoon scenery unfolds before your eyes as you drive up into the mountains in Dahu Township, Miaoli County. There, you find Spend Time guesthouse which melds into the landscape between mountains and lakes, resembling a picturesque painting. Enjoy Mother Nature’s genuine welcome As you walk down the stone path from your car to the guesthouse, you are surprised to discover that the main building sits right beside the lake. Water and mountains wrap around on all sides. Vivid flowers and trees abound. You are met by a delicious breeze and dancing butterflies. As you stroll around the wooden guesthouse, you can sense that nature has already prepared a full itinerary for you. Wandering by the flowing brooks on a bright sunny day, you can observe wisteria and sakura flowers in early spring and tung oil tree blossoms toward the end of the season. In the golden autumn, the sycamores turn red and you can behold the starry sky while steeping in hot-spring pools at night. During summer evenings, you open the balcony doors and the fireflies make their debut as the lake shimmers before your eyes. Spend Time guesthouse is always ready to serve you something spectacular whenever you swing by. Beauty in the scenery, the cuisine, the people, and the hot springs At Spend Time, not only can you enjoy all the beauty that nature unselfishly provides; various kinds of local delicacies and homemade wines are also on offer. The roasted strawberry beer chicken and German-style pig’s trotters are must-try dishes. A Chinese-style breakfast with mouthwatering steamed breads is served lake-side every morning. The housekeeper and all the staff are exceedingly hospitable. You might even have the opportunity to taste unique, homemade grape and kumquat wines. Commonly referred to as “beauty springs”, the sodium bicarbonate hot-springs are one of the distinguishing features here. Spend Time guesthouse insists on providing an authentic hot-spring experience with no extra water or chemical additives whatsoever. Even the bath in your room runs with delicate spring water. The public pools at Spend Time are made from various materials in a number of shapes and sizes, some of them with controllable water temperature, and provide travelers with a uniquely refreshing hot spring experience. Building a dreamlike garden paradise Spend Time guesthouse is the realization of a common ideal held by two mutually supportive friends. Mr. Lin loves creative work and is captivated by art. Ms. Cai adores working in the kitchen and is also fond of gardening. After a bout of serious illness several years ago, Mr. Lin accelerated his plans to retire and open a guesthouse, inviting Ms. Cai to help him realize his dream. One of the partners took charge of designing the space, and the other took responsibility for the gardens and the creative cuisine. In this way, the seemingly parallel lives of an artist and a housewife came to intersect in the planning and implementation of a beautiful dream. Why not find a day to come “Spend Time” here? Come enjoy this dreamlike garden paradise, relax in the pure, fresh hot spring, savor the gentle surroundings, and delight in the simple pleasures of nature.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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