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Schokolake was established in the end of 2002. It's located by the hot spring at the entrance of Dahu, Tai'an Township, which is known for their strawberries. Schokolake was built on a piece of undeveloped land covering an area of 4 hectares, completely surrounded by mountains. Originally named Dahu Yunzhuang, Schokolake was born out of a dream. The dream was to create a store exclusively for chocolate. The owner displays the chocolate confections in display cases that are more exquisite than any display cases you see at department stores. The store's exterior is a European style architecture with slanted roof tops and arched windows. The interior is a warm retro European country decor with red brick walls and white trims. Flanked by wooden cabinets, a large painting depicting cute little bears in a pastel pink background takes center stage in the Chocolate Dream Room. The lush green lawn and trees in front of the store evoke the feel of an European manor. Since the store was formally renamed Schokolake in 2009, it has been a dream come true for the owner. Everything she has created - plants, flowers and exquisite product - was a result of her vision, which was to turn fine ingredients into exquisite and delicious pieces of chocolate. We welcome you to Schokolake to share our dream.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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