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California Golden Villa

Hospitable B&B
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Legal B&B registration number: 274. California Golden Villa is located in Nanzhuang, Miaoli Country. It is a building with orange Californian style, and you can see the amazing scenery in the mountains of Nanzhuang. You just see the clouds and mists in the mountains as if in the fairyland, but soon the sun comes out and shines over the mountains, which make you feel like you're in Xanadu. Cherry blossoms in spring, tung blossoms in May and fireflies at night are out of this world. From the B&B, you can head to tourist spots like Nanzhuang Old Street, Penglai River Ecology Park, Xiangtian Lake, Shenxiangu Waterfall, Baguali Tribal Village, Xian Mountain, Taian hot springs, which will surely enrich your trip. (We will prepare cleaned toys in every room. While guests cannot select toys, if you notify us in advance of your children's preferences, we will try to provide the most suitable toys we have.)

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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