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Lily Village

Hospitable B&B
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Reservation Tel: 037-825822 Lily Village is located in Nanzhuang, Miaoli. We break through the B&B traditions and offer garden-style B&B and gourmet feasts and sophisticated hotel Management. Lily Village originated from a dream of a successful interior designer. He set standards to build an ideal residential house for himself after completing his military service and carried out the standards to every tiny detail and the internal control management processes that are more restricted than that of the B&Bs in neighboring areas. After nearly a thousand days and nights for planning and constructions, each hardware and software facilities and services in the Lily Village has been elevated dramatically to the level of star-rated hotels, laid a new milestone for the quality of B&Bs in Nanzhuang. Lily village is located in Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County. As a national tourist resort, Nanzhuang is known that "beautiful waters and beautiful mountains are all in Nanzhuang" and, as another Hakka song puts it, "Nanzhuang girls are more beautiful than Dan (female character in an opera)" (Hakka pronunciation). Experiencing in person is believing. Lily Village is a top class fine B&B built with European windmill shape and features a golf putting green available for guests' practice free of charge, a large viewing deck on the top floor for embracing the unique spectacular view of Nanzhuang, in addition to the exquisite landscaping and elegantly and tastefully furnished rooms. Also features a refreshment area for offering coffee, scented teas, and repasts, available for you to enjoy them indoors or outdoors, while enjoying the light dancing fountain. After dark, bright colorful lighting light up the Lily Village, creating both beautiful ambience and lighting, and in the morning before sunrise, you can walk barefoot on the health trail for exercising or just for strolling, meanwhile enjoy the sight of lotuses, fancy carps, along with the dawn to appreciate this rare leisurely time.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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