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Nan Chian Jade Garden

Hospitable B&B
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Nan Chian Jade Garden is located in Nanzhuang, amid beautiful verdant countryside beside the road leading to Donghe, about 1 km from the Nanzhuang Old Street. It is a high quality Bed and Breakfast with convenient transportation and vast field of view. The appearance of Nan Chian Jade Garden is a European style of North America with a design reflecting the innkeeper's taste and intention, the overall feeling is elegant, sophisticated, and the presentation of the flow of light and shadow in the space varying with time, as well as the poetic beauties of the scenery changing window by window, makes you feel refreshing like being in a home of your earnest wish. Here, you can enjoy the owner's art collection, and also the music of creeks, while leisurely strolling in the mountains and valleys, or sip a cup of coffee while chatting with friends, accompanying by the natural sounds of surrounding brook. For people like you who love nature, you can bathe yourself in the forest Phytoncide to feel the green fairy dancing in your body. Or, take a hike on old trails to flex your motor nerve. If, an exciting journey to Nanzhuang natural and cultural eco-tour is what you have expected, in addition to experiencing the simplicity of Hakka mien and cuisine, you can study the historical relics and tribal cultures of Saisiyat and Atayal tribes, or visit the Penglai River (Creek) fish conservation trails that you can not miss. Overnight Nen Chian Jade Garden, you can enjoy the night view of the landscape surrounding streets and the sparkling starry sky. Nan Chian Jade Garden is a B&B certified by SGS, a certified Taiwan Host by the Tourism Bureau, MOTC, and a four-star B&B assessed by the Miaoli County Government. In short, the well-crafted Nan Chian Jade Garden is a name you can trust and a place to visit. Please make an appointment for your arrival to share the mountain quiet life together.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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