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Nanzhuang TownshipMei Shan Ju.Your Home In Taiwan

Hospitable B&B
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眉山居(May Shan Jhui) is located in the peaceful area of Nan-Jhuang township at the northeast corner of Miao-Li county and provides calming views of valleys and mountains. The guesthouse is composed of traditional Taiwan-Hakka style compound with a spacious courtyard and landscaped lush flowery garden with lotus pond. Along with the verdant hills and crystal streams, we create a homey guesthouse serve with mom''s daily dishes and guests enjoy a feeling of refreshment with a cup of coffee or tea in our library café either outdoor garden seat. We surrounded in a well-balanced environment where wild creations are easily been found. Bees and butterflies decorate the flowery garden in spring and summer, then harmony songs of frogs always be the companion in your sweet dream at night. Colorful wild birds often reside and everything is welcoming your visit.

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Last updated on: 2018-12-27
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